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Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

High Resolution 2D/3D Concrete Scanning Service

Utility Locating Service

Infrared Thermal Imaging Services: Structural, Electrical & Mechanical
Unlike other more costly and destructive methods infrared (IR) thermal imaging from Advanced Thermal Imaging Inc (ATI) is fast, cost effective, and non-destructive. ATI provides both qualitative (pictures) and quantitative (temperature measurements) in a high quality professional report. No need to take ATI's opinion for it, you will see it for yourself. IR can help detect problems before they become serious and costly issues. IR can help provides good quality control, help increase safety and can help prevent costly downtime. IR will help with problem diagnostics and maintenance of your equipment and facility. ATI will work with you to develop a quality preventative maintenance program. From structural and system analysis to problem diagnostic to final commissioning, ATI can help. Make informed decisions with advanced thermal imaging. ATI can help your organization with all of its structural, electrical and mechanical thermal imaging needs.

Concrete Scanning Services (High Resolution 2D & 3D GPR Scanner)
ATI will help your organization map subsurface objects (rebar, conduit, PVC, voids, post tension cables, and other subsurface objects) in concrete and masonry structures (slabs, walls, and ceilings). Concrete scanning is fast, non-destructive, safe, and cost effective. ATI can help you map, trace or provide in-depth investigations into concrete structures. Data can be migrated to specialized computer software for on-site or off-site enhanced data viewing, interpretation, manipulation, decision making, and reporting. Get high quality 2D imaging for locating, mapping, tracing, subsurface structural analysis, and more. 3D imaging allows the creation of real-time plan-view slicing down into the concrete structure. In 3D environment images can be manipulated for superior interpretation, subsurface structural analysis, decision making, and reporting.

Utility Locating Service
Utility locating services wiil help detect and map underground utilities (electrical lines, pipes, etc.) before you dig for known and unknown utilities. For known plastic pipes ATI can use its traceable line and/or transmitter to help trace piping. 

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Residential Thermal Imaging: Structural
Advanced thermalimaging services is now available to everyone (homeowners, investors, property condition assessment companies, real estate companies, home builders, and renovators) in Newfoundland. No technology could be so beneficial to so many at such affordable rates.
How can infrared (IR) thermal imaging help with property selling, purchases and assessments? IR will help you make better choices with property purchases, help get top dollar when selling, help cut energy cost, and help locate and pinpoint deficiencies within the structure. IR will help detect such things as insulation deficiencies, moisture/mold concern, water infiltration (locate and trace), help pinpoint energy loss and cold air infiltration, and much more. ATI will help you save money and time, make better choices, and can even help with living healthier.

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