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Renovation Project Assessment

Over the years, weve developed a good understanding of how buildings perform. Construction techniques for new homes have changed rapidly. Most of these improved techniques also apply to renovations. If you plan carefully, you can renovate your home to make it look better, work better, last longer and be more comfortable. Before renovating, its important to assess the condition of your home to determine if there are any significant underlying problems that must be addressed before or during your planned renovation project.

Why Renovate?
  • Upgrading
  • Maintaining and repairing
  • Lifestyle choices
Before you begin your renovations you should look at your home not as a bunch of single unrelated entities but as a whole system. Your home is an interactive system made up of many components: structural envelope, household materials, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, the internal and external environments, and the occupants. Each component can profoundly influences the performance of the entire system. Renovations can provide an opportunity to improve your homes performance. We spend as great deal of time (50% to 90%) in our homes and the health of our homes is directly related to the health of its occupants. Learn about your home and live a healthy life.
Avoid surprises with your home renovations. As your renovations proceed your expenditures can increase dramatically as deficiencies are uncovered. Then there are those deficiencies that pop up after major renovations, deficiencies that could have been dealt with during the renovation phase. A systematic and thorough diagnostic of your home (performed by a certified thermograher) will help to assess the condition of your home. This visual (thermal images of your structure) report will help you determine what needs to be done and where, and what is critical and what is not. If you are hiring contractors to perform your renovations you make sure that the proper work was performed and performed properly. Take the guesswork out of your renovations. Save time and money with an infrared thermal diagnostic survey today by having before and after thermal imaging performed. Dont just get an opinion get the picture of the condition of your home.
When performing renovation consider energy efficient options for your home. Insulation is one way to keep your home more comfortable and save money. Another additional way is to always keep the temperature in your home at a reasonable level for the season (17 C to 21 C). You can better control your homes temperature by installing programmable thermostats. Also look at the different ways to control humidity in your home. New energy efficient doors, windows and appliances are always good upgrades. Before renovating always check for rebate programs available for purchasing energy saving units and for energy efficient home upgrades. Check your local and federal governments, and your local utility companies for what program are available.

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