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The thermography report you provided on my home gave me great confidence in putting it on the market. The service was professional and the result spoke for itself. My real estate agent agreed that it would be a great asset if a report could be done on every new home sold in todayís marketplace. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thermographer Note: John Maher owns Maher Kitchen Cabinets a long time business owner with a reputation for quality. John and his son is now entering the home builders market and bringing with them the same attitude for quality. In 2009 they built their first quality home as a test run in the market. ATI performed the thermographer service on this dwelling, John quickly fixed the minor deficiencies, and the home quickly sold. ATI wish them all the best in their new endeavor.

John Maher
New Home Builder

We had an infrared diagnostic report done on my home in November, 2009. We found it very helpful in determining where our home was losing heat and where drafts were coming in. The Thermographer was in and out in less than 2 hours. The report he provided us pinpointed areas in our home that we did not expect to have problems. It picked up on air flow along the moldings at the bottom and top of walls, in floor areas, and around some windows that I thought was well insulated. I would recommend this to anyone buying a home or even a new home.

Clyde & Sharron Tucker
Paradise, NL.

Mr. Walsh from Advanced Thermal Imaging came to our home a few months ago to consult with us and perform an infrared thermal scan on our home. We found him very helpful. The information (visual report) we receive will certainly help us when doing our renovations later this year. He was very professional.
Roland & Joanne Hunt
C.B.S., NL.

In November of 2009 Tony Walsh of Advanced Thermal Imaging came into our home to perform (what he called) a structural diagnostic survey. We are planning renovation next year and wanted to know the extent of the renovations needed. The thermography was amazing. What it could detect was unbelievable. Heat loss from two wall scones was detected from outside the house. The thermographer seemed knowledgeable and he meticulously explained at all times what he was doing. The visual report we received confirmed areas on the exterior where heat loss was unacceptable. When I change my siding next summer I will pay particular attention to these areas. He discovered many problem areas inside our home that I did not know existed and that will need attention. There is major air leakage above our bay window that I had installed myself. Also in the dining room where the cathedral ceiling and living room walls join, and missing insulation (heat loss) in attic perimeters, vertical walls and ceiling areas. He even did a load test on my electrical panel to make sure I had no hot spots after it was serviced do to a load imbalance. I would recommend thermography and ATI to anyone.
Raymond and Dorothy Brotherís
Long Harbour, Placentia Bay, NL.

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