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Benefits of Thermography!

Benefits of Infrared Thermal Imaging Services
* New Home Warranty
* Selling or Buying a Home
* Renovating

Maximize the potential sale price and speed up turnaround on your property by getting ahead of the mortgage property inspection. Find out what needed to be done and where before your home goes on the market. Get a detailed infrared diagnostic survey performed and have a visual document to help schedule those needed repairs. You can even get a before and after diagnostic survey performed to show prospective buyers that you are selling a well cared for quality home.
Buying Pre-Owned
If you are looking at buying a pre-owned home ATI recommends that you have a thermal diagnostic service performed on the property if one is not being provided by the sellers. You want to have at your finger tips all possible relevant information that will help you make an informed choice concerning the property. You are spending a great deal of money to purchase a property so give yourself the edge, the thermal imaging edge. A thermal diagnostic report will also assist your home inspector to do their job even better.
Buying New

When you are looking at buying a new home you should ask the seller for a copy of the infrared thermal diagnostic survey. Not all homes are created equal. Make sure you are buying a quality built home. We have all heard of the horror stories and complaints. A thermal diagnostic survey will tell you if the deficiencies within the home are major or minor. Help make your dream home is just that and not something else.

If you are considering performing renovation on your property you can have before, and even after, infrared thermal imaging performed. IR will help target those areas that need the attention. You may not even be aware that problems exist and the time to find out is not after finishing major (expensive) renovations. If you are having a contractor perform these renovations, your report will highlight the areas that may need special attention. Having post renovation diagnostics will show you if the work was performed properly. When people know they have to do quality work, they will do quality work.

New Home Warranty
Do you have new home warranty on your home or will it soon expire? Thermal imaging will help pinpoint deficiencies in your home so you can access your new home warranty for repairs.
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