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Save Time, Money & Live Healthier
Did you know that most people are unaware that their homes have problems, some of them serious? ATI will help to pinpoint those areas that need attention. Use infrared (IR) thermal imaging to diagnose and fix the small problems before they become major expenses and health concerns. If you have problems there will be no need to take ATI's word for it, you will be able to see it.

Thermal imaging can reveal minor to major deficiencies within the structure. You could be losing thousands of dollars from heat loss & cold air infiltration. Shut off the valves to energy loss, start saving today.
A quality IR report will help you schedule your repairs. Know what are minor concerns and what areas that may need immediate attention. Use the report for your short-term to long-term renovation needs.
Investors can use IR as a tool for property condition assessments. Know the condition of a property before purchasing and use the IR report to help budget repair/maintenance on existing investments. Remember, complacency today will cost you more tomorrow.
Renovation Assessment
Having renovations performed or just need to know where essential work is required on your property? Stop guessing with your hard earned dollars. Discover what needs to be done and where. Make sure the correct work is being performed, and performed correctly.
Selling a Property
Speed up turnaround on your property and get ahead of the property inspection. Getting bogged down at the proprety inspection level can be stressful and expensive. Maximize the potential sale price by showing you are selling a well maintained property.
Purchasing a New or Pre-owned Home?
Ask for a detailed IR survey on the property before you buy, or have one performed, to insure you know what you're buying.
How cost effective is IR?
For example: The cost of a $350 service on a $350,000 purchase is only 0.1% of purchase price. Making an informed decision with IR is cost effective and a smart choice.
Spend your money wisely.
Moisture in the Home
Did you know that you do not need water damage or leaks to have mold growth?
You may not even be aware you have moisture problems. Damp & wet environments are a breeding ground for mold & mildew. Use IR imaging to help expose areas of concern. Make sure your home is a safe & healthy environment for you and your family.
Advanced Thermal Imaging Inc
Advanced Thermal Imaging offers its client more than just an opinion. ATI will provide you with a detail report containing infrared images (pictures) that will show where problems are located.  Start saving and living healthier today.
Now is the time to contact Advanced Thermal Imaging, Inc. and have advanced thermal imaging diagnostics performed today.
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Don't just get an opinion; 
'get the picture'

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