Commercial Thermal Imaging

Infrared (IR) diagnostics technology is the latest and most exciting development for local companies and agencies. The applications for IR are ever increasing and companies now are beginning to realize the benefits and cost saving of this technology. While many companies now employ infrared technology in their everyday business, most companies do not require the use of this equipment on a daily basis, or are able to justify the expense of the equipment & training that is needed. Advanced Thermal Imaging, Inc. now has the equipment & training necessary to fill this gap.
The Goal of IR
The goal of IR for your business would be to help increase safety, quality control, and quality of workmanship by exposing deficiencies that if left undetected could be costly, hazardous, & even destructive. Infrared diagnostics and preventative maintenance scheduling is the key to long term cost control.
Sectors That Can Benefit From IR
Electrical Contractors
Real Estate Companies
Government Agencies
Building Contractors
Renovation Companies
School Boards
Engineering Firms
Plumbing Companies
Insurance Companies
Inspection Companies
Refrigeration & Heating Companies
Property Owners
Your Thermographer Can Check For
Insulation Deficiencies Electrical Components & Systems Hot & Cool Pipe Tracing
Water & Moisture Infiltration Air Infiltration & Exfiltration Building Envelop Diagnostics
Mold Growth Heating & Cooling Systems
Post Construction Diagnostics
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