Contractors Thermal Imaging

Home Builders
Before your property goes on the market make sure that you have minimized, or even eliminated, deficiencies on the property. Have a detailed infrared diagnostic (IR) survey performed and actually see the results. IR will help pinpoint minor to major deficiencies so they can be dealt with before the property is sold. The resulting is cost savings on after sale repairs/deficiencies and new home warranty liabilities. Ensure you know what needs to be done and where. Display your IR report with confidence to prospective purchasers, it will show you care. IR survey can be used to validate the workmanship of a property and retail value through guarantees of a higher quality product.  Maximize your profit potential on the sale of the property and services.
General Contractors
In the world of contracting time is money. To be efficient while providing a quality product is beneficial to your reputation and bottom line. If you are building a new home, make sure your sub-contractors are providing you with a quality product. If companies know they have to provide a quality product, they will. If you are performing renovations you can include IR technology to help determine the full extent of the renovations needed. IR will help maximise you profit potential and company image.
Your Thermographer Can Check For:
Interior/exterior deficiencies   Water/moisture intrusion  Air infiltration/exfiltration
Heat/cooling system leaks   Insulation deficiencies  Hot/cold pipe tracing
Renovation diagnostics   Insulation value   And much more

Now itís time to contact Advanced Thermal Imaging, inc. and find out how IR can help  your business.

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