Real Estate Thermal Imaging

Prospective property buyers and sellers can have a detailed infrared (IR) diagnostic survey of the interior and exterior
structure to help revel minor to major deficiencies within the structure. IR goes beyond the accepted norm in energy audits and structural diagnostics by allowing clients to see (visually) where the problems are located, especially if they are behind walls or under the insulation in your attic. No other affordable diagnostic tool on the market can do that.
Buying a Property?
IR will help pinpoint deficiencies in the structural envelope before finial sale. Purchasers will be in a better position to
negotiate finial sale price and have a detailed visual report to help schedule needed repairs.
Selling a Property?
Maximize the potential sale price and speed up turnaround on a property by getting ahead of the mortgage property inspection. Have a detailed diagnostic survey performed so you will know what need to be done and where. Let prospective purchasers know you are selling a quality property.
What Can ATI's Certified Thermographer Check For?
Interior/exterior deficiencies   Insulation deficiencies  Water/moisture infiltration
Air infiltration/heat loss   Heat/cooling system leaks  Insulation value
Hot/cold pipe tracing    Window pane leakage   Renovation diagnostics  (before & after)
Building pre-purchase diagnostics  Sellers diagnostics And much more

Now itís time to contact Advanced Thermal Imaging, Inc and find out how IR can help you.

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