I grew up in Newfoundland and throughout my life and travels continued to return to that incredible province and now permanently reside there. I worked in the factories of Ontario and the construction industry in Alberta. I worked for a local instrumentation company (electrical/electronic panel fabrication and assembly) and even marine electrical work. I performed renovations and owned and operated a small computer-based business (Think Digital) for a few years. Along the way I got married (Bonnie) and began raising a family (Emily and Jason).
I have developed a host of life skills and experiences that has served as a primer for the adventure of a lifetime; owner and operator of Advanced Thermal Imaging (ATI) offering advanced thermal imaging services to industry and homeowners alike. Infrared thermal imaging is the most exciting and versatile technology of the 21st century.I am proud to be able to take this very high end technique challenging technology and offer it not only to commercial ventures but, for the first time in Newfoundland, make it accessible to the average homeowner at very affordable rates.
-Certified ASNT Level II Thermograher (Oct, 2011)
-Certified Electrical Arc Flash
-'COR' Safety Certified from NLCSA
-Fall Protection
-Confined Space
-Standard First Aid
-Aerial Work Platform
-BA Degree (MUN)
• Presentation at ‘InfaCanada Conference and Presentation’ in St. John’s, Newfoundland to fellow Thermographer’s and industry people in June 03, 2010. The conference was a first of its kind for Newfoundland and was a big success. I am already looking forward to next year’s event.
• Performed presentations and demonstrations for businesses and organizations in the St. John’s area.

• ATI is featured in an episode of “Made Right Here” telecasted by NTV’s in their news hour on August 2, 2010 (see Home page for link).
• Conception Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.
Hobbies & Interests
• I am a woodworker who enjoys time in his shop making furniture and other items.
• I like being on the water (boats, canoeing, fishing, etc)
• I like camping and cook-ups.
• I like reading, biking, and sports in general.