Concrete Scanning Services

     High Resolution 2D/3D Concrete Scanning Services

* Locate ferrous and non-ferrous targets (rebar, PT cables, conduit, PVC, etc).
* Image depths up to 40 cm (16 in).
* Trace targets through the structure.
* Determine the relative size and depth of cracks, voids, and other targets.
* Real-time scanning and data interpretation.
* Ability to see multiple subsurface targets at different depths.
* 2D for real time target location, tracing and marking.
* 3D imaging (mapping) for x-ray like images. Ideal for complex areas.
* Real time data display and interpretation.
* Data can be further manipulated on a computer with specialized software.
* Locate and mark targets quickly (laser guided for accurate marking).
* Safe technology: no need to close off work areas as with radiography (X-Ray).
* Use for concrete and masonry structures (slabs, walls, & ceilings).
      * Can provide condition assessment for such things as depth, air layers,
          voids, air pockets, substructure placement, mixture vibration analysis, 
* And much more

ATI can perform in-depth imaging services for concrete and masonry structures. This high resolution GPR concrete scanner is ideal for rehab planning or locating the position and relative depth of rebar, electrical conduit, post-tension cables, in-floor heating, voids, and more. It high resolution 2600 MHz system can image depths up to 16 (40 cm) and delineate even small targets with superior resolution. This unit provides 2D imaging for subsurface structural mapping and 3D imaging for more complex requirements. You can view 2D & 3D results right on the scanner display, and slice-view down into the structure by 1/2" increments with 3D imaging. This is a very powerful, flexible, and portable unit that provides safe high resolution x-ray like imaging.

High quality post processing computer software (Radon 7) will allow a higher level of data manipulation and interpretation in 2D imaging and 3D modeling to help with inspections, mapping, presentations and reporting. It allows advanced on-site and off-site enhanced data viewing, interpretation, and data manipulation. The post processing software will even allow more advanced plan-view slicing (3D modeling) down into the subsurface structure as well as x & y axis manipulation to aid in enhanced data interpretation and decision making. 

Planning on cutting or drilling into concrete for remediation, installing equipment, or just need to know what is contained within the subsurface of the structure (slabs, walls, & ceilings), ATI can help. You can reduce or eliminate costly destructive methods and mistakes. You can gain superior 2D/3D imaging and reporting. Base your decision making on qualitative and quantitative data and not just on opinions or guess work. The GPR HR Concrete Scanner will help with these and many other concrete imaging requirements. From concrete drilling and sawing companies to construction companies to engineering firms (to mention a few) this high resolution and highly versatile concrete image and supporting software will be your tool of choice to increase accuracy, help save time & money, and possible a lot of stress from costly mistakes.

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