Industrial Thermal Imaging

 Many companies now employ infrared cameras in their everyday business. But most companies will want to forgo the costs of purchasing the equipment, training personnel (sometimes for many employees), upgrading, re-certifications, and the many other expenses involved in IR. Advanced Thermal Imaging, Inc. (ATI) has the equipment & training in infrared imaging/diagnostics to do the job.
The Goal of IR
The goal of IR for industry would be to help cut costs, increase safety, and increase quality control by exposing deficiencies that if left undetected could be costly, hazardous, & even destructive. IR diagnostics is a thermal detection process that can detects very small differences in thermal activity. Unlike visual inspections IR will safely detect anomalies, deficiencies, component faults, energy spikes, heat loss, electrical issues, and much more. Infrared diagnostics and preventative maintenance scheduling is the key to long term safety and cost control.

Some of the Benefits of IR
Process Equipment Diagnostics Fluid Tank & Pipe Check (levels & Sludge) Diagnostics for leaks & blockages
Insulation Deficiencies Electrical Component & Systems Diagnostics Heating & Cooling Loss
And a lot more
Schedule a routine IR maintenance diagnostics service today and help prevent costly shutdowns. Now is the time to call and find out how Advanced Thermal Imaging, Inc. can benefit your company.

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